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Forward announcement:【Important Notice】Graduation Procedure in Fall Semester, 2023

Graduation Procedure in Fall Semester, 2023 【Period & Location】 Period Location Section From January 2nd to February 16th ,2024 (excluding holidays and Lunar New Year) AM10:00~12:00、PM2:00~5:00 The registration office located on the campus where your department l Xinyi campus: Office of Academic Affairs 4F, Comprehensive Medical Building (Rear Building) l Shuangho Campus: Administrative Center 4F, Teaching and Research Building Registration Section […]

Forward announcement:【Important Notice】English Name on Diploma

English Name on Diploma Eligibility:Students who will graduate in January, 2024 Period: December 1st~20th, 2023 Instruction (1) Log in Academic and Student Affairs Information System. Link: https://newacademic.tmu.edu.tw/ (2) Check function under “Enrollment Status” → “Student Information” → “Name on Diploma” Note (1) Please fill in English name in accordance with your passport. (2) If fill the English name exceed time or […]

Forward announcement:Student Research Paper Award Application announcement

Student Research Paper Award Application : Applications will be accepted from November 6, 2023 to December 05, 2023 (Including current students, current year graduates and current postdoctoral researchers)   Student Research Paper Award Application Procedure : Submit application online. Verification by advisor, department head, and R&D office. Verification by Research and Development Conference. Applicants will […]

Forward announcement:TMU Degree Examination (Graduation Defense) Timetable Fall Semester 2023

Degree Examination (Graduation Defense) Timetable of Fall 2023 Refer to the attachment for Degree Examination (Graduation Defense) Timetable in Fall 2023, which is agreed upon by Academic Affairs Meeting on Sep. 19th 2023. Remind that from 9 am. Sep. 18th to 5 pm. Oct. 13th 2023 is the period for graduate student to apply Graduation Defense (Degree Examination). Please apply on the Academic […]

Forward announcement:Graduation Defense (Degree Examination) for 2024 Fall

【Qualification】 Master students studied for 1 year; Ph.D. program students studied for 2 years; master students who study Ph.D. degree continuously should study for 1 year in the master’s program and 2 years in the doctoral degree/program. Students must complete the graduation credits (including Research Ethics) and graduation requirements of the department/program, then are eligible to apply […]

Forward announcement:Application for Course Withdrawal for Spring Semester 2023

Application for Course Withdrawal for Spring Semester 2023 Click Link:Academic & Student Affairs Information System Path: Academic Affairs Information System→ Course Selection → Course Selection → Apply for course withdrawing Time & Period:Graduating course till 2023/4/21 Fri 17:00 Non-Graduating course till 2023/5/19 Fri 17:00 Method:Online 24 hours Notes: Students who cannot focus on their schoolwork due to personal […]

Forward announcement:【2023 Sprung Semester Announcement for Checking Course List & Final Correction 】

Time & Period:2023/3/6 Mon 09:00 ~ 3/10 Fri 17:00 Method:Online 24 hours Notes: 1.Login to Academic & Student Affairs Information System 2.Path: Academic →選課(Course Selection) → Course selection → Checking results & final correction If the course list is correct Click the button “Course information correct. Click here to confirm!” If the course list is wrong Click the button “I want […]