Healthcare NLP Summit 2024

Healthcare NLP Summit 2024

April 2-3, 2024 | Free Online Event

We are only 1 week away from the virtual Healthcare NLP Summit 2024!

Join the world’s largest applied NLP community next week for two days of immersive, industry-focused content focusing on generative AI and natural language processing applications in healthcare and life sciences.

Now in its fourth year, the Healthcare NLP Summit will feature 30+ keynotes and expert sessions showcasing LLM & NLP best practices, real-world use cases, challenges in applying these technologies in practice – and the latest open-source libraries, models & tools you can use today.

Talk Topics Include

Generative AI for Drug Discovery
Yanshan Wang, University of Pittsburgh, AMIA NLP Working Group

Advancing Health at the Speed of AI

Hoifung Poon, General Manager, at Microsoft Health Futures at Microsoft

Towards Concept-Aware Large Language Models

Chen Shani, Postdoc at Stanford

AMIE: A Research AI System for Diagnostic Medical Reasoning and Conversations

Mike Schaekermann, Research Scientist at Google

Patient Journey Trajectories for Disease Progression Prediction and Sub Typing Using LLMs
Thirupathi Pattipaka,  Director, DataScience & AI at Novartis Pharma AG

“Be Like Water” – NLP and GenAI Opportunities and Challenges in Healthcare

Sonali Tamhankar, Senior Clinical Data Scientist at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center

The Art of Prompt Engineering for Medical Coding
Leonard Janze, Head of Data Engineering, NLP at OPTUM/United Healthcare

NLP Capability Implementation Lessons Learned- From Tech to Change Movement for Effective Adoption
Alice Chung, Sr. Analytics Manager at Genentech

Large Language Models Improve the Readability of Radiology Reports

Ghualm Rasool, Assistant Professor at Moffitt Cancer Center