2024 Teacher and Student Joint Academic Research Symposium (Registration deadline: 17:00 on April 26)

1. The purpose of the activity:

Encourage students to share their academic research results in a poster display, and explain the importance of their research.

2. Qualifications for event registration:

(1) Teachers, students, and postdoctoral researchers.

(2) Registration URL: https://rd2sys.tmu.edu.tw:8011/TSUAS/login.aspx

(3) Registration deadline: 17:00 on April 26

(4) Poster display dates: May 27-30, 2024

(5) Poster presentation dates: 10:00–14:00, May 28, 2024

3. Selection criteria:

The poster oral report competition will be reviewed by professors invited by the R&D Office.

(1) Poster content (including theme suitability, attractiveness, wording and organizational structure).

(2) Report expression ability (including pronunciation, intonation and fluency).

4. Competition rewards

(1) Certificate of participation

(2) Contest prize money.

5. Precautions

(1) Poster file format: One-page poster PDF file, please use the size of 90*120 cm (vertical poster). If you want to attach the school logo (LOGO) to the poster production, please pay attention to the school logo version (LOGO).

(2) Please complete the submission before 17:00 on April 26.

Announcement from the R&D Department  https://reurl.cc/orGjEq