TMAIL 2-Step Verification

Dear ALL,

In order to strengthen the security of the TMU mail services, TMU email account will enable the ” 2-Step Verification ” from now on.
Please be sure to complete the enrollment by 2023/01/19, or you will be unable to log in to mailbox.

1. Enroll (you only need to do it once): Please log out of your GOOGLE account on the computer and log in again or use GOOGLE notification letter (sent on 2023/1/3) then follow the on-screen operation to enroll two-step verification.

  1. If you use OUTLOOK or other software to send/receive emails from TMU account, you need to set theapplication password after the two-step login is completed (please refer to the attachment).
  2. If you encounter any situation such as changing your mobile phone number in the future, please contact us.

If you have any operational problems, please contact us at .

Office of Information Technology