Professional Master Program of Applied Evidence Feature

Educational Objectives

  • Focusing on Training of evidence-based theory and research design
  • Establishing ability of systematic synthesis, literature appraisal and analysis
  • Cultivating scientist with a combination of evidence-based practice and clinical research
  • Educating medical professionals with ethics and humanities


Core Competencies

  • Competence of evidence-based practice and clinical research
    • To develop the ability of study designs and data analyses in evidence-based practice.
    • To build up the concept of knowledge translation.
  • Competence of systematic review and meta-analysis
    • Able to search information, prepare report, make presentation, formulate analytical table and figure, apply statistic software.
    • Able to extract and synthesize data and perform statistics analysis.
    • To carry out scientific thinking with respect to common clinical problems by deliberating observation, problem identification,  information searching, data analysis, appraisal evidence, and reasonable interpretation.
  • Competence of applying evidence-based practice into clinical care
    • Able to apply evidence-based practice into patient care.
    • Able to use hospital information system in evidence-based practice.
  • Competence of medical ethics and interdisciplinary communication
    • To cultivate ethics, humanities and team cooperation.
    • To obtain the ability for professional debate and responding to inquire.