Forward announcement:Check and Review for Course Term Grade on Spring Semester 2024

The period for professors submitting the Spring Semester 2024 course term grade is from June 3rd to June 23rd 2024.

¢ How to Check Courses Term Grades?

After professors submit the term grade, students can check it on the Academic and Student Affairs Information System under “Score” function.

¢ Apply for Courses Term Grades Review

After professors submit the term grades, if students have any questions please apply for the course term grade review before 5 p.m. July 30th 2024.

Please print out and fill in the “TMU Grade Review Application Form”, and submit it to the Registration Section before the deadline.

As for those delayed above-deadline grade submission course, students could apply for course term grade review within 7 work days after the grade is submitted.

Registration Section, Office of Academic Affairs

May 21st 2024