Forward announcement:【Important Notice】Graduation Procedure in Fall Semester, 2023

Graduation Procedure in Fall Semester, 2023

Period & Location

Period Location Section
From January 2nd to February 16th ,2024

(excluding holidays and Lunar New Year)


The registration office located on the campus where your department

l Xinyi campus: Office of Academic Affairs 4F, Comprehensive Medical Building
(Rear Building)

l Shuangho Campus: Administrative Center 4F, Teaching and Research Building




Item Description

Meet Graduation


Registration section takes at least 3 working days to review the thesis. It may be extended depending on the situation.

l Graduation Requirements:Pass

l Graduation Defense & Thesis: Pass

l  Upon meeting the specified requirements, your system status will be updated to ‘Graduation’ starting from February 1st, 2024. Please note that changes in status may affect your authority for IRB application or access to other systems. If any problem, kindly refer to the website of the responsibility section or contact person in charge.


Confirm the School-leaving Checklist for Graduates

l After meeting graduate qualification, kindly log in “Academic & Student Affairs Information System” to confirm the school-leaving checklist.

(1) Cashier Section: No debt owed

(2) Advising Professor & Administrative Advisor: Agree

(3) Uploaded authorization

※Check function under Academic”→ ”Graduation Procedure”→ ”School Leaving Checklist for Graduates”


Bring the Student ID Card

l Upon it shows “Available” on system, you can bring the student ID card to the Registration Section and collect the diploma.

l If Student ID card is lost, please report in TMU ID Card Management System.


Obtain the Diploma


(1) From January 2nd to February 16th 2024, AM10:00~12:00、PM2:00~5:00, excluding holidays and Lunar New Year.

(2) In case of collection by proxy, the proxy shall bring the Authorization Letter, his/her own National/ ARC ID card and student ID card of the authorizer to the Registration Section for collection.

Digital Diploma

(1) After collecting the Diploma, you will receive the Digital Diploma via TMU email next Monday at AM10:00.

(2) If not received, please contact the Registration Section before February. 24th, 2024(W5). After February. 24th, 2024, will have additional fees for applying.

Please follow the instructions in the attached document to complete the procedures for other sections. If you have any question, please contact responsible section.

Registration Section

November 20th, 2023