Forward announcement:【Important Notice】Applying suspension / withdrawal/ resumption for Spring Semester, 2024

Important NoticeApplying suspension / withdrawal/ resumption


  1. I. Semester: Spring Semester, 2024
  2. II.Period:

(1) Resumption: From January 8th to January 31th, 2024 PM5:00.

Students intending to resume their studies must submit their applications to the Registration Section by 5:00 PM on January 31, 2024. After the application is approved by Dean of Office of Academic Affairs, the cashier section will provide the payment slip of the tuition fees. Students ought to pay the tuition fees and it is deemed as registration for spring semester ,2024.

(2) Suspension / withdrawal:From January 8th, 2024. The deadline is based on TMU 2023~2024 Academic Calendar

(3) Students applying for and completing the suspension/withdrawal application before 5:00 PM on February 17th must ensure approval by the Dean of the Office of Academic Affairs by the same deadline. No need to pay the tuition fees.
After the school opening day (inclusive), tuition fees must be paid first before applying for suspension or withdrawal. Prorated refunds will be processed in accordance with the regulations of the Ministry of Education

(4) All the date and time mentioned are in Taiwan Time.

III. Procedure:

(1) Apply on line (click “save” and “submit”) and print the application.

*Academic & Student Affairs Information System

Check function under “Enrollment Status” → “Apply for Change”

(2) The application ought to approve by all responsible sections.

(3) Submit the application to registration section in Office hours and approved by Dean of Office of Academic Affairs.

*Office HoursEvery Monday to Friday (excluding holidays and Lunar New Year)


  1. IV. Contact

(1) College of Medical, College of Oral Med & College of Biomedical Engineering: Ms. Shih, ext.2110

(2) College of Pharmacy, College of Nursing & College of Medical Science and Technology: Ms. Hsu, ext.2115

(3) College of Public Health & College of Humanities and Social Sciences: Ms. Ma, ext.2113

(4) College of Management: Ms. Huang, ext.2116

(5) College of Nutrition: Ms. Chang, ext.2111

Registration Section

Dec. 8th, 2023