Forward announcement:【Important Notice】Applying suspension / withdrawal/ resumption for fall semester, 2023

Important NoticeApplying suspension / withdrawal/ resumption for fall semester, 2023

  1. I.Period:

(1) Resumption: From August 1st, 2023 to August 28th, 2023 PM5:00.

The application which were approved by all relevant sections should submit to registration section by August 28th, 2023 PM5:00. After the application are approved, the cashier section offers the payment slip of the tuition fee. Students have to pay your tuition fees and it is deemed as finish the registration progress for fall semester ,2023.

(2) Suspension / withdrawal:From August 1st, 2023 to the Deadline of suspension on fall semester, 2023. (refer to TMU 2023~2024 Academic Calendar)

(3) If you submit the suspension / withdrawal application form to registration section by PM5:00 September 8th, 2023, not need pay the tuition and fees. After the school opening day (including the day), you have to pay the tuition and fees first and be able to apply for suspension and withdrawal. The prorated refunds will be made in accordance with the regulation of the MOE.

(4) All the date and time mentioned is Taiwan Time.

  1. II. System & Path:

(1) Academic & Student Affairs Information System:

(2) Method:Enrollment Status→ Apply for Change

III. Procedure

(1) Fill in the application data.

(2) Print the application form.

(3) Submit to Sections (as show on application form).

(4) Submit to Registration Section.