1.Target of the program

To broaden students’ international horizins and make students be connected with new regulations that set for respiratory therapists worldwide, we made our students more competitve in their career by the precious experience, oversea internship. Besides, students can compare the differences between Taiwan and others, including customs and people’s needs, to self-reflection the internship process provided by our department.

2. Internship plan
(1) Period: 4 weeks
(2) Internship units (tentitive):

Duke University Medical Center

Tan Tock Seng Hospital

KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital

   (3) Selecting qualification:
(a) Third grade students in School of Reapiratory Therapy, Taipei Medical University
(b) Students have completed 90% of the professional courses from the first semester to the forth semester, and passed the average grade every year
(c) Students have earned the credits of clinical practicum in basic respiratory therapy
(d) Students who reach the minimum requirement of language abilities set by our department and oversea training institutions ( See more details in the appendices )
(4) Financial aids:

Financial aids can be reached by applying allowance in Office of Global Engagement. If there is not program funding, the student association will provide 5000NT$, and the rest is self-funded.

3. How to apply
(1) Students will be selected by a group, the group is composed of three full-time teachers in our department
(2) Materials that should be attached when applying
(a) Students should meet the requirements listed above
(b) Application form for students to short-term oversea study (English version)
(c) Report cards from first grade to second(third) grade
(d) Documants to prove language ability, English autobiography and resume
(e) Parents’ agreement
(f) Draftees should meet the requirement of the regulations set by the government
(3) Selecting standard
(a) Academic performance  30%
(b) Matreial review  30%
(c) Interview  40%

4. Ways to carrying out
(1) We keep in touch with the oversea institutes so that students can have an oversea internship
(2) Our faculties will help the students with their problems to complete the advance preparation
(3) Students should handout their reflections and hold a experience sharing conference within one month after they came back to Taiwan