To meet the medical needs of ageing populations around the world, medical researchers seek new methods to treat disease through cell therapy and regeneration medicine. At the forefront of this trend, pioneering faculty at TMU created Taiwan’s first research program specializing in cell therapy research and regeneration medicine, and also established Taiwan’s first University based Good Tissue Practice (GTP) laboratory.

The mission of the IPCTRM is twofold: Provide students with the training necessary to become leading medical researchers, and promote translational medicine through cell-based therapy clinical trials. At the GTP lab, students learn first-hand how to produce cell-based medical products, and gain the knowledge and skills needed for careers in the growing field of cell therapy and regeneration medicine.


The IPCTRM’s curriculum provides the expertise, professionalism, and technical skills needed for cell therapy research and practical application. Our curriculum follows three main axes:

Basic research skills, covering stem cell research in medicine, cell biology, molecular biology, and advanced stem cell biology, and immune cell therapy;
Translational application, covering clinical study, medical statistics, and special topics in cell therapy & regeneration medicine;
Industrial application and Regulation Affairs, covering research ethics, the forum for cell therapy & regeneration medicine, and medical industry and cell therapy regulations and patents.


After completing an IPCTRM degree, students will have gained the knowledge and skills required of leaders across a broad range of academic and industry careers. The positions could include faculty at the Universities, clinical research coordinator and associate, clinical trial reviewer and regulation maker in clinical areas and cell manufacturing specialist and researcher in R&D department in biotech companies.

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