Application Methods


  1. Applicant needs to have either the M.D. degree certificate or the diploma given by College of Medicine.
  2. Applicant should also have medical doctor license and clinical training experience for at least 1 year.
  3. Training Contents, durations and further prerequisites vary from department to department.
  4. Applicant must be able to communicate in English.
  5. All submitted materials must be presented in English.
  6. Applicant needs to provide health record, immunization record within the last three months prior to arrival; in addition, proof of personal health/accident insurance with overseas coverage or proof of national health insurance is required.
  7. Housing may be arranged upon request but is subject to availability; fees may apply and are subject to different dormitories.
  8. Applicant who applies for ICTP is “ICTP trainee” in the following description.
  9. ICTP trainee is permitted making clinical decisions, diagnosis or giving advices on any medical issues during the program span under the supervision of mentors.
  10. ICTP trainee has to choose from departments for apprenticeship. Details about Taipei Medical University (TMU), Taipei Medical University Hospital (TMUH), Wan Fang Hospital (WFH), and Shuang Ho Hospital (SHH) can be found from their websites:





Materials Required for Application

  1. Application form
  2. Curriculum Vitae
  3. Copy of M.D. degree certificate or the diploma given by College of Medicine
  4. Copy of medical doctor license
  5. Certificate of clinical training experience
  6. At least one recommendation letter from the head of the department which the applicant belongs to at the hospital or the Dean of the Medical School
  7. Copy of valid passport

Submit above documents to the Admission Office by E-mail ( Applicants are responsible for ensuring the documents to be delivered to TMU in due course.

Training Fees

–          The fees vary according to the policy of the applied affiliation.

–          Students studied in TMU International Master/Ph.D. Program in Medicine are exempt from the fees.

–          The fees must be paid to TMU Center for Management and Development after receiving the acceptance letter.

–          The fees are non-refundable after registration.


Application materials must reach Admission Office at least three to six months prior to the starting date.

Attendance and absence

ICTP trainee must attend scheduled courses or meetings. In case of sickness or accident, ICTP trainee can ask for leave according to the absence policy of the applied affiliation.


ICTP trainee will receive a clinical training certificate issued by the university after finishing all training courses.
For any questions, please e-mail Admission Office at or call us at +886-2736-1661 extension 3119.