[Academic Activities]10/21(FRI) 12:30-13:30 Frontiers in Dementia Research- Master Lectures


Frontiers in Dementia Research – Master Lectures


Towards developing the next generation of clinical care for Alzheimer’s Disease : Role of the Memory Aging and Cognition Centre in Singapore


The recent advances in defining Alzheimer’s disease (AD) as a biological as well as a clinical construct has aided the development of biomarker-guided, pathophysiology-based targeted therapies, many of which have reached late-stage development with the near-term potential to enter clinical practice. This paradigm shift requires an optimized global framework for clinical care pathways for AD. In this lecture, we describe a recently published blueprint for transitioning from the current, clinical symptom-focused and inherently late-stage diagnosis and management of AD to a next-generation pathway that incorporates biomarker-guided and digitally facilitated decision-making algorithms for risk stratification, early detection, timely diagnosis, and preventative or therapeutic interventions. We describe how the Memory Aging and Cognition Center in Singapore hopes to address this critical and high-priority challenges, describe some evidence-based strategic solutions, and emphasize how the perspectives of affected individuals and care partners in the community need to be considered and integrated.

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Speaker Prof. Christopher Chen

Director, Memory Aging and Cognition Centre, National University Health System

Date Oct 21, 2022, 12:30~13:30

12:30~12:35 Opening (online meeting room open at 12:20 p.m.)

12:35~13:15 Towards developing the next generation of clinical care for Alzheimer’s Disease : Role of the Memory Aging and Cognition Centre in Singapore

13:15~13:30 Q&A

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Language English
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Dementia Center, Taipei Medical University-Shuang Ho Hospital,Ministry of Health and Welfare

NHRI Taiwan Prevention, Medicine and Care Program for Dementia -grant proposal


Taiwan Neurological Society

Department of Neurology, Taipei Veterans General Hospital

Dementia Center, Taichung Veterans General Hospital

Dementia Center, Taipei City Hospital

College of Medicine, Taipei Medical University

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Blood based biomarkers of AD and AD control in Korea

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Professor, Department of Neurology, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea


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