【April 28 Lecture Invitation】USR in Action, 5 – 7 PM

Date: April 28th, 2021 (Wednesday)
Time: 5 – 7 PM (GMT+8)



<<The Information of the lecture>>
Why should we value University Social Responsibility (USR)? The role of “university” is gradually changing. It is no longer just a temple for academic research but needs to redefine its value to respond to the drastic changes in the external society and further enhance and contribute to the local community and society as a whole. After all, universities are full of all types of talents, and if these quality talents can fulfill more responsibilities, the synergistic effect on local, social, and national development will likely be stronger. We invite Dr. Fernando Palacio and Dr. Nikan Sadehvandi from the Kyoto University to give a lecture on the theme of USR and its relation to the students.

Specifically, this talk will introduce the core values and purposes of USR and describe the role of students in university social responsibility. In this session, Dr. Fernando Palacio and Dr. Nikan Sadehvandi will briefly discuss the concept of USR and introduce the USR Network (USRN) as well as a major achievement of the Network: the launching of a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) on USR. This is a course created jointly by Kyoto University and Hong Kong Polytechnic University to familiarize learners with USR and USRN, it showcases good practices by member universities in the network and provides strategies for success in the design and implementation of similar activities.

An overview of the diverse contributions carried out by different member universities in response to the COVID-19 pandemic will also be shared during the lecture. The session will wrap up by showcasing part of what Kyoto University has also done to address the pandemic. At the end of the session, both speakers will open the floor for discussions with participants to share their experiences on universities’ response to the pandemic.

Dr. Fernando Palacio
Dr. Palacio is a Program-Specific Senior Lecturer at International Strategy Office Kyoto University (iSO-KU). His main responsibilities relate to the design and development of university-wide policy on internationalization, promotion of internal synergies among the different organizations within the University, and support for iSO-KU’s efforts to maintain an inclusive university. He is in charge of overseeing the University’s activities in Southeast Asia. His responsibilities also relate to the promotion of University Social Responsibility.

Dr. Nikan Sadehvandi
Project Manager of USR MOOC (Center for the Promotion of Excellence in Higher Education, Kyoto University); Lecturer at Kyoto University of Foreign Studies.

<<Topic related materials>>
1. (MOOC at edX: Introduction to USR)
2. (USRNetwork website)
3. (Global University Social Responsibility at Kyoto University)
Feel free to take some time and listen/ read the materials. If you have any questions or details you would like to discuss further, you are more than welcomed to bring them up during the event.

* This lecture will be held via Google Meet. The link will be provided after you complete the online registration.
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